Wednesday, March 09, 2011

From Home Alarm Monitoring's Blog

Got an email from one of my blog's readers a few day ago. His company, Home Alarm Monitoring, has its own blog about safety.  He thought that readers of Safety in Seattle would also be interested in this post:

Written by a woman who was mugged right outside her home, she gives ten tips that she feels would have helped her at that time.  I like her emphasis on easy ways to fight back, and in my self defense classes have students drill these, and more.

Thanks, Allen, for sharing!


  1. Great Tips especially "use your knee, you know where to hit". Many people freeze up in situations like that so a list like this is helpful because people forget that they can other body parts to get free.

  2. The first tip is probably the hardest habit to break. People these days are so used to having their faces buried in the phones that they lose all awareness of their surroundings. I know because I am one of them. I also know that car keys are great weapons because I stabbed my leg with them once... Watch out thugs, I am crazy enough to stab myself so what do you think I/ll do to you! :)

  3. I recently took up kickboxing at a place called the battleground here in the UK and its helped leaps and bounds on not only the physical side but the confidence factor too! I think everyone should do a few classes of martial arts and give the crooks a little shock :)