Friday, October 16, 2009

What Every College Girl Needs to Know About Dating Violence and Abuse

October. The leaves turn brilliant reds, yellows and orange, shrivel and curl, and drift off their tree limbs. The touch of October air is chilly and crisp. Halloween is almost here, one evening of ghosts and ghouls, spirits and specters. The next morning it's November, time for harvest and Thanksgiving, and Halloween slithers back into the abyss . . . til the next year.

October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month. We all know that domestic violence isn't limited to October, nor should we be aware only these 31 days. Domestic violence is a wraith that walks the earth always. Abuse victims can be haunted for a long time afterwards: they are three times as likely to engage in risky sex and 70 percent more likely to drink heavily than other women; they are also twice as likely to report that their activities are limited by physical, mental or emotional problems and 50 percent more likely to use a cane, wheelchair or other disability equipment, a recent CDC survey found.

If you know a college-age woman in an abusive relationship, please download this flyer on dating violence and send it to her. Send it to her friends also. In fact, send it to any college-age girl you know. It may save her from this nightmare later. Do your part to exorcise this demon now.

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  1. All college age young ladies need to be aware that not everyone has there best interest at heart.

    Even on Americas most prestigious campuses there is a underlying faction that do not respect women and plan almost daily to abuse and take advantage of these young ladies almost like a game or competition.

    Dont take for granted that cute boy in chemistry, or you room mates boyfriend is not planning his next conquest , even if you have no interest.

    You should be protecting your self. Take a class,buy a pepper spray, or personal alarm, Just do it to coin a phrase. You never know when it might save your life or a friends life.