Monday, January 12, 2009

New! Hot Off the Press!

The Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence has issued a new report with far-reaching implications on fatalities in domestic violence. This report includes:
  • Key data findings about domestic violence homicides and suicides in Washington for 1997-2008
  • Findings and recommendations based on 11 fatality cases reviewed in depth by local review teams
  • Analysis of higher rates of domestic violence homicide affecting victims of color
  • Exploration of critical gaps in services for Protection Order petitioners
  • Recommendations for change specific to law enforcement, judges, employers, health care and mental health providers, chemical dependency, and domestic violence advocates
  • Tips for how to use the report to make change in your community
About 80+ percent of my students and clients say they know someone who was or is in an abusive relationship, or had themselves been in one. Reading this report can give you more ideas on how you can help your family and friends, should they become enmeshed with an abusive partner.

Also, listen to KUOW-FM's interview with Kelly Starr, one of this report's authors, on The Conversation here: In this interview, Ms. Starr expressed concern that while the overall rate of violent crime has been decreasing, the rate of DV murder has remained steady.

You can find the WSCADV report on Download (it's free) and read it today.

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