Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Yet More Seasonal Safe Shopping

I'm writing this from the Aloha State, yes Hawaii. Often sunny yet often (like today) rainy. I'm here for a karate tournament (the All-Hawaii Championships, in which I won 2 gold and 1 bronze medals), and further training from the head of our organization (the International Karate Federation of Sensei Chuzo Kotaka). So, since today is damp, I have some time to post another blog entry. Yes, more on shopping safety tips.

• Bus riders, be careful what you’re carrying. Some Seattle bus routes have become a hunting ground for robbery, especially among teens. Don’t flash you expensive electronics. Look around at who else is on the bus, and more importantly who else may be taking a good look at you and what you’ve got. And don’t get so engrossed in listening to your music that you lose attention to what’s happening around.

• Carry only what you need. Don’t bring all your credit and ATM cards with you. In fact, I separate my cards and wallet from other forms of ID, and keep my keys separate from both. If you keep everything in one bag and it’s all stolen, you run a risk of not only identity theft but also burglary. Generally I’ll keep a wallet in my bag, my driver’s license and a credit card in a jacket pocket, and my keys in my pants pocket. Don’t have pockets? Maybe it’s time to shop for new clothes.

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