Thursday, November 13, 2008

Burdens of Self Defense

One question that comes up constantly in my self-defense classes -- and it will become more pertinent as the holiday shopping season sneaks up on us and you'll be scrambling for those last-minute gifts at the local mall -- is how to defend yourself if your arms are full of bundles of holiday cheer.

The traditional answer from self-defense teachers is to never carry so much that both your arms are full. That is one good strategy. If you are overly burdened you do present a more inviting target.

Another option, if you do find yourself carrying way too much, is to recognize that you can DROP your stuff. Yes, drop it all and YELL at the top of your lungs.

And another is to consider what among the packages you've burdened yourself with would make the best weapon.

Still another option is to go shopping with a friend or two. Not only are you less likely than a lone person to be assaulted, but because you'll have to also accommodate the friends' plans you'll probably end up buying less stuff and won't be quite so burdened.

Or have stuff shipped home. But as you do, read the prior entry in this blog for security tips on ensuring your goodies get to the right recipients.

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