Friday, August 08, 2008

If a Man is Murdered and he has no Community, Does it make a Ripple?

Danny Westneat's recent column in The Seattle Times was about the discrepancy in reporting murders. Who makes the papers, who doesn't. A young Caucasian woman killed by a homeless, deranged stranger is in the spotlight for months. An older male homeowner killed in an unlucky encounter gets a couple of weeks. A troubled older male drifter killed by an unknown shooter in a dark alley gets a sentence.

Westneat quotes a colleague of his at the Los Angeles Times who wrote about homicides in LA. Whose got covered, whose did not. She concluded that "the people and places most affected by homicides are least likely to be seen, while the safest people are inundated with information about crimes unlikely to ever touch their lives."

No kidding.