Wednesday, May 28, 2008

June Self-Defense Classes

Strategic Living is giving only 2 self-defense public workshops this June. One is for women only, the other for teen girls only.

Self-Defense for Women:

Most women who've defended themselves against assault have never taken a self-defense class, never trained in martial arts, and certainly have never swum with Navy SEALS. How did they do it? Can you too learn their secrets? Yes, when you know how to use the five keys to safety:

Awareness of the people around you, of your state of mind, of your social shortcuts that can get you in hot water;
Intuition, your early warning system that you often ignore;
• the vitality of your Voice;
• setting Boundaries and testing them; and
• using Leverage to physically enforce your boundaries if necessary (and to give you the confidence to use all the other tools in your kit to keep safe because you've got Plan B).

These five keys unlock all the safety strategies you'll ever need. You will learn how to use them in this class. Recognize assailant ploys and manipulations, and how to thwart them. Assess your risks, and plan around them. Come prepared to challenge yourself--emPOWERment doesn't get more fun.

Sunday June 22, 10 am til 1 pm. Cost: $65.

Register now online here, or phone 206-920-8882 for more information.

Self-Defense for Teen Girls:

This three hour course will provide young ladies the education and awareness to avoid and escape potentially dangerous situations. Course will cover dating violence, how assailants target and test potential victims, personal safety and much more. Students will learn physical techniques, strikes and releases to safely remove oneself from dangerous situations. It is a great class to take with a friend.

Sunday, June 22, 1:30 til 4:30 pm. Cost: $50.

Click here for more information and to register.

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