Monday, April 21, 2008

Serial Exposure

A man is going around certain SeaTac aparment complexes exposing himself, and more recently groping women. The youngest woman was 11 years old. Read the King 5 story here for the assault sites.

I have 3 suggestions for women who encounter this sort of assailant:

1. Use your voice. Yell and attract attention. What should you yell? Yell directly at the offender, and tell him to go away, get lost, back off, let go. Give him a strong direct command.

2. Back away from him. Keep a few yards distance.

3. In the less likely event that he try to close that distance, remember the best targets for strikes are eyes, throat, groin and knees. If you need to physically defend yourself, give it 110%.

Please take this kind of offense seriously. Flashers such as this who get bolder and escalate their attacks are on the path to rape. Help the police get him before he gets there.

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