Monday, April 21, 2008

Last week a man's body was found in a Seattle construction site. Today's paper had a summary of the sad story (click here to read). The victim had a history of mental illness. He apparently stopped taking his medication and was challenging others to fights. He was obsessed with the movie Fight Club. What makes this story truly tragic was that 2 other men, apparently egged on by others, saw fit to take him out.

From what I've read, these 2 others had no history of mental illness, nor did those who encouraged them. One of these men is in police custory, the other being sought. The one in custody is blaming the second man for delivering the excessive force.

There's been a lot of local focus in the media about the mentally ill as dangerous. As this story (once again) illustrates, we should be more concerned about regular joes taking group dyanamics to its lowest common denominator.

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