Friday, September 28, 2007

When school violence goes unreported . . . has it really happened?

The Seattle Times published a story yesterday about violent incidents at various Seattle schools that go unreported to the police. This article mentions that over the last 2 years, over 1,000 incidents that should have been reported were not. They included "assaults, threats, robberies and weapons possession." The four instances cited as assault examples in the story, however, were all sexual assaults.

Click here to read the article.

It's a story I hear too often. A parent calls me, asking about self-defense because their daughter was pushed against the locker and groped by a male classmate (the majority of the calls I get because of specific incidents are from parents of girls). Sure I can teach the girl effective self-defense skills, but I reiterate to the parent what they already know: that they will have to be prepared to assertively advocate for their child's safety with the school. And, if necessary, bring in outside parties such as the police. The self-defense skills I teach are only the beginning.

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