Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Domestic Violence will Not Stay in the Home

Yesterday was a sad one at the University of Washington. A young women was murdered in her campus office by her ex-boyfriend, who then killed himself.

Most of us think of disgruntled ex-employees "going postal" when we hear of a killing at a worksite. However, abusive partners and ex-partners are a far greater risk for women. Domestic violence doesn't stay domestic, it spills out and follows its victims everywhere. And sometimes spreads. People close to the intended target also become victims. One of last year's murder victims was a young man stabbed to death by his sister's estranged husband.

One out of 4 women in America will be in an abusive relationship sometime during their lives. Few go to murder. It appears, though, that suicide threats indicate a greater risk of murder/suicide. Domestic violence will not stay in the domicile. Agencies such as New Beginnings and DAWN have hotlines for anyone touched by DV to call.

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