Friday, September 22, 2006

North Carolina: Women killed by abusive husband

A man in North Carolina pushed his way into a domestic violence shelter earlier this week and shot his wife to death.

You can read about John "Woody" Woodring's murder of Bonnie Woodring in this article. Along with the news report, the Asheville Citizen-Times also includes good educational material on warning signs of domestic violence and a person's rights in a relationship. This is important information. I teach in Seattle, a city with one of the most highly-educated adult populations, and I still encounter students who conflate jealousy with love or rape with passion.

Woodring's criminal history contained other instances of domestic violence, which is a prime indicator of future violence. At this time, very few abusers are effectively rehabilitated.

One more item of interest. Woodring was in graduate school studying to become a counselor. That's particularly concerning. Abusers are very often great manipulators and readily learn how to work legal and social services to further their aims.

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